Our University of Central Florida General Manager, Charlie Robinson, introduced us to Limbitless Solutions.
They are a non-profit group of innovators working to advance personalized bionics and other solutions for disabilities.
At the University, they create functional, affordable, bionic limbs for children. They utilize 3-D printers and robotics to develop
not only functional limbs, but fun and exciting designs! They believe no family should have to pay for their child to receive an arm.

That’s where we come in… with more sponsors, Limbitless Solutions can help more families. We’re so excited to
support such a great endeavor and we hope you’ll help us help them.

On the fourth Monday of every month, we hope you’ll
“Give a Friend a Cone, and Give Child a Chance.”

Purchase one Regular or Waffle Cone and get another of equal or lesser value FREE! We’ll donate the cost of that Free Cone
directly to Limbitless Solutions. In addition, our Tip Jars will be donated to them from that day as well. On average, this program
could supplement the cost of one bionic arm per month! We hope you’ll mark your calendars and help us put smiles on the
faces of many lucky Limbitless Solutions recipients!


We’re donating our


on the Fourth Monday
of the month as well…

Help us fill ’em up!

To learn more about Limbitless Solutions, visit their website: