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Topper’s Creamery Launches #TOPPTHIS

Topper’s Creamery Launches #TOPPTHIS

Patrons Can Win Weekly Prizes through Social Media Selfies

TAMPA, FLORIDA — An interactive campaign built around #ToppThis will begin this week, Topper’s Creamery President/Chief Operating Officer Greg Sausaman announced today. Starting Wednesday, April 1, and running through end of day May 31, customers are encouraged to visit Topper’s Creamery locations and, while there, post a selfie that includes #ToppThis. Weekly winners will be randomly selected from posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and be awarded a free menu item. In addition, the winning photos will be showcased in Topper’s Creamery social media.

“Ice cream carries with it a social connotation, so it’s a logical connection to do a tie-in with social media,” Mr. Sausaman said. “I think our customers will have fun with this. I can envision, for example, tweets or Instagram posts saying, ‘Sunny Florida day, with the bff, eating ice cream. #ToppThis!’ Or I’m sure there will certainly be posts along the lines of ‘Ice cream for a dollar on Wednesdays?! #ToppThis’.”

Noting that there will be one winner per store per week, the Topper’s president/COO added, “I’m looking forward to seeing how creative our customers will be. The toppings alone that we offer will likely be an easy #ToppThis application.  It will be fun to watch.”

Official contest rules will be available on Facebook as well as on the back of postcards that can be obtained at all locations.

With its own recipe for its brand of soft serve ice cream, Topper’s Creamery has free-standing restaurants as well as locations in hotels and colleges spanning central Florida from coast to coast. It is anticipated that the number will increase from the current 14 to approximately two dozen locations by the end of the year.